I am a NURSE.

I am a nurturing warrior, nurse for short. Every one told me nursing school would be difficult. It was. In many ways, at the time, the most challenging thing I had ever done. I learned how to study, how to critically think, how to self-discipline, self-respect and self-love so that I could engage in helping others to do the same for themselves. All of this seemed ablaze in glittering lights as I graduated, passed my NCLEX, became licensed as an RN, and even acquired my first job.

Nothing however prepared me for what was next. That the most difficult thing I had ever done was no longer exams or deciding which coffee shop to spend my Friday night studying in. That the most difficult thing I had ever done was being a nurse. That I would be surrounded by life and death and everything in between on every day, not just the ones I spent in the hospital. That my love and passion for holistic care would be in stark contrast to the critical care I would be providing in the ICU. Which is how I came largely to consider myself a nurturing warrior. Because in fact, I believe the terms warrior and nurse to be synonymous. To see the things we see and cultivate compassion and sincerity every day despite the odds, takes courage and strength.

Despite the overwhelming vastness of learning to fulfill the potential of a warrior, the seed was always there. I longed to fight these battles. To grow. And love in deeper ways. And while being a nurse is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, it is also evolving my gratitude to explore the world. To believe in myself and the things I am capable of. While all might not go as planned (and all my fellow nurses can say, it rarely ever does), it is with resilience and open hearts that we can accomplish anything. Nurses always do.

With that being said, I am proud to call myself a Nurse. A dreamer, doer, make it happener. A believer in the simple power of fruits and vegetables, moving our bodies, and being present in this moment. A crusader of modern medicine, but an enthusiast of mindfulness and complementary therapies that enhance the healing process.

Welcome to my reflections.



I am a NURSE.